Music is essential. It stirs the soul and provides life with a soundtrack. It holds your hand when we are hurting and puts pep in our step when we are walking.


    Music gives us the opportunity to express ourselves when words just aren’t enough. It gives our bodies a reason to move when our energies can’t be contained. Music is the reason this story must be told!

    For road crews on tour across the world, life is a mixture of sweat and stardust. A place where glamour collides with working class grit. Where hi-tech meets low life. Where temptation and excess are forever in battle with loyalty and discipline.

    Who are the roadies proudly standing in the shadow of the modern rock star? Where do they come from, why do they do it and, most of all, where are they going.

    “Roadie: The Documentary” sets out to answer these burning questions and lift the curtain for an all in your face glimpse at the moving parts of America's last, great blue collar army.

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    Brett Pirozzi

    Skid Row, Lordi

    Robert Long

    Mötley Crüe, KISS

    Dennis McGivern​
    System of a Down/ Demi Lovato

    Monte Pittman

    Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal

    Aiden Mullen
    Peter Frampton

    Dave “Snake” Sabo
    Skid Row

    Jim Runge
    The Black Keys

    Lindsay Vannoy
    Elton John

    Mike “McBob” Mayhue
    Guns-N-Roses, Dixie Chicks

    Tom Weber
    Van Halen, Poison

    Stan Lemendola
    Fleetwood Mac​

    Monte Melnick
    The Ramones

    Meg MacRae
    Eagles, Shania Twain

    Chris Fenn
    The Offspring

    Sam Osland
    Counting Crows, Matchbox 20

    Joe Garlipp
    The Who, Ted Nugent

    Chris Samardizch
    Allman Bros., The Dead


    Life on the road and behind the tour.


    TJ’s story originally started in the late 1980’s as a roadie for several New Jersey club bands. After a brief time at New Jersey’s legendary Trax East Recording studio, he spent most of the 1990’s and 2000’s crisscrossing the planet with bands like M.O.D, Agnostic Front, Ignite and many more. Along the way, he formalized his work with the creation Iron Sound Productions; a company providing back line, sound re-enforcement and tour logistics. By 2000, he was pulling triple duty as Tour Manager, Drum Tech and Guitar Tech for Skid Row, who was opening on the legendary KISS Farewell Tour (last tour with the original members of the band), and included a set by Ted Nugent. As the miles and years on the road continued to stack up, he further earned the respect and trust of peers in the industry.


    Coming off his last tour, after spending over 20 years on the road, was a time of reflection for TJ; the realization that he was just a local kid from Jersey who had the honor to travel and share a stage with some of the biggest bands in the world. There were more than enough All Access stories to fill the pages of a book, but this wasn’t a story to just be seen through the interpreted imagination of a reader. Throughout all his travels, he had been compiling video footage of life on the road. There wasn’t a story to be written. It was a story that had to be seen. First hand.


    Using his video archive as a basis, he starting from the ground up recording new footage. Talking directly to Roadies; helping his peers to open up to the camera, so he could capture the film in reality. In the life that it is lived, not just as it could be filmed. He knew the business first hand. He knew the life first hand. He had lived that life. His production would be at a level never infiltrated or presented. Without this bonding of a brotherhood he shared, this film and other related projects could never have happened. But they have.


    If you are interested in learning more about ROADIE: The Documentary or other projects we are working on, then please contact us. We would love to hear from you.